Where can I get more information?

We try to simplify as much as possible but we encourage you to do your own research for your unique experience. We are here to help you no matter where you are on your journey. 








These are some of our favorite places to get up to date information on CBD and medical marijuana. The information provided is easy to read and understand, and there is a range of information.

Project CBD has a wonderful selection of 

information about CBD including a detailed

CBD 101 guide for those who are new to CBD.

On the Project CBD website is also top CBD 

news as well as the politics, safety, science, 

and medicine aspects of CBD.

Realm of Caring offers a database of CBD and

medical marijuana studies and research so 

that the information that is out there can be 

found by those looking for it. It is one of the 

most extensive research libraries for CBD and 

it is an incredibly useful resource. Alongside

the research library there are other resources 

available to download and even print making 

this site an almost one stop shop for any CBD 

information you are looking for.

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Easy to read and understand CBD information readily available.



Research library with a A-Z list of studies and cases for CBD and medical marijuana.