CBD Products for Pain & Inflammation

Topical products such as our roll ons, lotions, and balms are great for spot treating pain and inflammation. All of our topicals have 500mg of CBD in a 2oz full size bottle (Try Me Sizes have 125 mg).

As for which one is better? That's all up to your personal preference!

The base in each product works with different parts of the body.


For hands and feet: Our aloe-based lotions absorb really quickly into the skin. They come in unscented, lavender and coffee scents.


For legs, back, hips, or shoulder: Our coconut oil-based Balms are solid and will stay on the skin longer so you have time to massage it in a bit. (Best used at night or with play clothes. It is oil and will get on your favorite clothes) Balms come in unscented and Cool Mint Twist scents.


For head and neck:  Our jojoba oil roll ons pack one heck of a punch with CBD, Arnica and Essential oils. Try a little dab on your pulse points. Roll on’s come in 6 different scents available in the descriptions.